Incredible Stunts! is the first in a series of future coffee table books from acclaimed photographer Jeffery R. Werner, who has been called, "The Diane Arbus of the 21st century, " by Vince Streano, photographer and former national president of American Society of Media Photographers. Also dubbed "The da Vinci of Daredevil Photography" by the Adventurers TV show and "The Incredible but True Photographer" by the prestigious French magazine, Photo, Werner has carved out a niche as the best stunt photographer in the business. In addition to his photographic work with stuntmen and daredevils, Werner's portfolio can best be described as the "X-Files of photojournalism" for his stories of people and animals with amazing abilities and unusual talents. For more of Jeff, visit the Incredible Features website.

Contributing to the look and feel of Incredible Stunts! are editors Bill Graham and Stacey Linh. Graham brings with him more than twenty years experience in photography and journalism, including serving as the former corporate director of photography for American Media, Inc., the 4th largest consumer magazine publisher in the country with sixteen titles including the Shape, National Enquirer, Star, Globe, National Examiner, Country Weekly, Men's Fitness, Flex, Muscle & Fitness and Natural Health. It was in this capacity where he and Werner first initially collaborated on photo assignments.

Stacey Linh's background with computers, new media technology and marketing coupled with an eye for an artistic aesthetic from her experience working at an agency made her the likely choice to serve as both the editor and producer of Incredible Stunts. Stacey's attention to detail, eye for news, ability to capitalize on trends, and knack for clever and unusual interactive campaigns, are distinguishing characteristics of her work. She currently serves as the Creative Director for Incredible Features and Incredible Features Publishing.

Incredible Stunts! Book Cover
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